Enterprise Mobility

It’s been a long time since a phone was used solely for making calls, and surfing the internet was considered an activity for employees' leisure time. Mobile phones, the Internet and various apps are important and natural work tools that enable freedom, creativity and efficiency. Yet, they also crave new business models in the Digital Dimension.
In the mobile landscape, not only are existing business processes more efficient, but the development also leads to entirely new business models and procedures. At the same time, you need to control your organization’s mobility to guarantee safety and efficiency.

Business applications in corporate networks, in the Cloud, Cloud services (SaaS) and various apps need to be handled by everyone in the same way, at the same time. Self-service, order channels and internal "app stores" need to be developed and updated. "Bring your own" scenarios — when users connect with their own devices — need to be managed. The landscape quickly becomes complex.

Take control of costs, development and security

By using modern, mobile work methods and systems for development, Enfo manages the entire mobile landscape in your organization to make your business simpler, smoother and smarter in the Digital Dimension.

Better service for your customers

User-friendly, functional mobile operating systems also benefit your customers. We handle the entire chain, while guaranteeing continuity and security.


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EXPLORE what we know and do