Business Enablement Risk & Compliance Efficiency Solutions
In the Digital Dimension, security becomes complex as you deal with more and more integrations. You constantly have to stay ahead of risks while delivering solutions that support compliance, without compromising user experience.
Just like every other project related to IT, your organization needs to understand the prep work it’ll take for the solution to actually become the improvement you’re looking to achieve.

Done right, you’ll see the benefits in the shape of new business models, more efficient organization, better control, simplified administration, greater agility, reduced IT costs, increased data quality and just-in-time access.

Integrations with supplier and customer systems, along with self-service solutions for both your organization and customers and suppliers, will mean better service.

Plus, you can analyze data, usage and traffic with the help of business intelligence to check compliance, evaluate risks and ensure that everything is aligned with your strategy.

Enfo’s niche experts will guide you through the entire process from feasibility studies, case histories, project and program analysis, architecture and design to developing and setting up the technical solution, training the organization and providing support.

Our offering covers all aspects of IAM, including user identity lifecycle management, authentications, single sign-on (SSO), federated access control, role-based access control (RBAC) and privileged account management, as well as audit, analysis, reporting and management of risk and compliance.


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EXPLORE what we know and do