Active Directory Health Check

Expose vulnerabilities in your Active Directory infrastructure and operational processes before they affect your business. Improve your environment’s uptime and lower support costs.
An Active Directory Health Check is a way to verify the ‘state of health’ of one or more Active Directory environments and its depending components. It is a good way to receive a quality statement from a subject matter expert, at the same time highlight, and resolve possible issues in your Active Directory environment.

Before making major changes in their environment (e.g. an upgrade/implementation of new technology), it is highly recommended to perform an Active Directory Health Check in order to proactively avoid unpleasant surprises. 

Active Directory constitutes a central component of the IT environment and is the focal point for authentication, security and administration in a windows based network.  Incorrect permissions, login difficulties, system failure can all be effects of an incorrect and inconsistent configured environment. Errors triggered by for example a system upgrade and impossible to detect prior to a health check. If not attended can these errors disrupt business functions and cause severe damage.
Active Directory is the cornerstone of an increasing number of business functionalities, every year more work hinges on stable Active Directory operability and security.

In order to secure a well-functioning Active Directory it is highly recommended to run a health check once a year and prior to major upgrades and implementation of new technology.

A health check can also serve as an audit, reviewing the quality of work by external partners or as an objective report verifying a need for necessary IT investments. It can also serve as a part of an investigation to locate the reason for technical issues.

how it is done

Within seven business days from the initial engagement - Enfo reports the findings and deliver the following:
1) Executive Summary 
An easy and comprehensive overview of the Active Directory health state aimed for management.
2) Technical Report
A detailed listing of technical findings, effected objects and recommended actions
3) Roadmap
An action plan where findings are categorized and prioritized including recommended measures to improve the health state of the Active Directory.
4) Summary Presentation
An accredited engineer will walk through the findings and provide knowledge transfer on the identified issues.  
Once the Active Directory Health Check is done and any possible findings identified you can feel secure that all possible measurements have been taken to proactively avoid future issues in your Active Directory environment.

key focus areas

  • Active Directory Replication
  • Active Directory Topology and Subnet
  • SYSVOL/Group Policies
  • Name Resolution (DNS & WINS)
  • Domain Controller Health
  • Operating System Support and Configuration
  • Security Updates
  • Backup Configuration
  • Time Configuration
  • Active Directory Database
  • Account Information
  • Token Size
  • High Privileged Accounts
  • Exchange Server - AD Utilization


Christoffer Andersson

Principal Advisor



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EXPLORE what we know and do