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Is your business preparing for a restructuring, acquisition, merger or other major change? Do you revise your budget several times every year and spend too much time staring at undecipherable spreadsheets? If you need more effective budgeting and forecasting, Enfo can help you improve and streamline your processes to save valuable time and energy.
EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do



If you use Excel as a budget tool or work with a budget model designed at the account level, you know the problems that can emerge as your organization begins to grow and change. Accuracy becomes more difficult to maintain, and it becomes tougher to explain discrepancies. Large budgeting spreadsheets often have a built-in logic understood by only one or two employees within your organization. With no clearly defined workflow, simple mistakes are hard to avoid as different versions of documents are emailed back and forth without accountability.

A budget and planning tool that fits your growing needs can save resources and allow your employees to focus on developing your business. With experience in successfully implementing many projects for budgeting and planning tools, Enfo can help you design simpler, smoother, smarter forecasting processes. Enfo’s consultants combine expertise in business controlling with technical skills to find a solution that’s right for your organization. They work together with you to build and deliver systems on time, on budget and with functionality that may even exceed you expectations.

Using an iterative approach where development and cooperation with existing operations goes hand in hand, you can maximize knowledge transfer while optimizing your time and resources. To ensure your business drives the project, Enfo presents you with a “pilot.” This quickly shows results and guarantees the solution meets your expectations and the needs of your users.

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Enfo works with leading budget planning software, including IBM Cognos TM1, Anaplan and Effectplan. Read more about our partners: 

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