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Best practices for your information warehouse
A proven methodology means we won’t start your information warehouse project from scratch. Enfo offers a framework called Baseline BI, based on an extensive knowledge capital of Business Intelligence solutions and information warehouse architecture. Baseline BI contains guidelines for best practices from a large number of projects, and what is included range from approaches to information modeling, fault management, registration, data integration, data quality and naming standards as well as code-out-of-the-box.

The development of the information warehouse is further accelerated through extensive use of automation techniques. Enfo has its own DW automation tool that provide developers with a powerful application to maximize business value and project efficiency.

Building the right architecture for your company on a tried-and-tested framework also makes it easier to provide support and maintenance. This leads to significantly lower costs, ensuring your information warehouse can provide the biggest long-term benefit to your business.

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Minimizes your time to market by accelerating any Data Warehouse implementation 

In the Digital Dimension new and more data is accessible from a whole new range of sources. To benefit from that data in your daily decision making ahead of competitors, time to market is crucial. The solution from Enfo is the Analytics Development Accelerator (ADA).

Reducing development cycles, maximizing business value and at the same time creating a foundation for an analytics solution that can embrace changes in data, business needs and technology is a tough combination. Solving this equation is what we at Enfo do best.

At the heart of our analytics projects is ADA. A tool that removes the human factor out of coding as much as possible. Its strength lies both in the automation techniques and in its flexibility to allow a customer best-fit architecture.

DW automation traditionally provides a one-size-fits-almost solution, resulting in yet another analytics project to solve the missing 25%. At Enfo, we have a solid understanding that DW automation is great, to a certain extent. The core functionality within our product Analytics Development Accelerator is flexible enough to be adapted to what you as a customer need, not what is easy to automate.


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EXPLORE what we know and do