Enfo’s Smart product accelerators gives your IoT project a head start

Smart products
Many companies today are well aware that in order to stay competitive, they need to increase the pace of their product- to service transition. The big question is how to get there. With this in mind, Enfo has identified and developed a number of building blocks that together with our eco-system of partners providing machine connectivity and system integration forms an excellent starting point for a fast track to smart products development.

IoT and Smart product applications create value and competitive advantage in all different kinds of industries like healthcare, energy, manufacturing and banking. Regardless the diversity of these businesses, they are unified by a common need to keep track of location and status of an object – summarized as fleet management.  

Enfo’s Smart Products accelerators consists of a basic IoT module for fleet management that can be adapted to any kind of physical product. On top of the fleet management we provide a number of customized applications and services, developed using the Digital Dimension|LABS methodology.

Our well established eco-system of connectivity suppliers, system integrators and cloud platforms makes it a smooth journey all the way from start to launched service. Our wide experience from helping customers looking for better user experiences or new smart profit, create excellent conditions to offer a cost efficient process that meet all your requirements.

Talk is talk but seeing is believing. We would be happy to give you demo of how the Smart Product accelerators work and could be customized for your specific business needs. Just drop us a line to let the creation begin.


Niklas Thulin

Digital Evangelist, Enfo Group


+46 736 84 06 29

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EXPLORE what we know and do