How do you work to protect your most critical assets?

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Enfo Cybersecurity Services is focused on multiple areas in the various parts of cybersecurity domains. In fact, it’s all we do. Since many years we are committed to fighting the adversaries in all their forms and ensuring that organizations like yours are protected.

The digital transformation revolution has created many new and digitalized business models which include new threat vectors. Cloud solutions are perfect examples of this increasing our overall threat landscape by extending the battle field cyber adversaries operate on.  The public cloud infrastructure is only as secure as the policies that safeguard it. No organization wants to be on the end of a high-profile breach, but the flexibility of public cloud services can quickly lead to security risks in your environment.

Cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a top priority for businesses across the globe. Even though there is a major data breach or security incident in the news almost every day Companies are still choosing to ignore the elephant in the room versus taking a more proactive approach in implementing the proper security controls.  There are also the challenges of making Cybersecurity as part of the overall culture and getting the support from Senior Management to make this happen.

It is important to be proactive in choosing and implementing the proper security controls across your area of responsibility no matter if it exists on prem, hybrid or in the cloud. You may very well already have good solutions in place but just don’t understand how to use them properly.  Its important to try and use what you already have invested in.  Don’t get lost searching for the Cybersecurity Uniron Solution that does not exist when it comes to technology.

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A variety of tactics will be used to exploit your vulnerabilities

Cyber-attacks have become more and more sophisticated with criminals using an ever-growing and evolving variety of tactics to exploit vulnerabilities, such as social engineering, malware, phishing, file less and ransomware.

The problem is that many companies lack the know how when it comes to Cybersecurity and how to build a strong security posture. Other factors are lack of resources, budget and time when developing a good sound Cybersecurity game plan.  When was the last time you assessed your cybersecurity maturity level?  Even though you may be compliant in one-way shape or form that does not mean you are secure. 

Most security incidents and data breaches that were reported throughout 2018 could have been avoided if the correct security policies and technologies had been put in place.

Nearly 25% of security incidents occur as a result of the actions of those within including customers, suppliers and partners.  Hence why it’s important to ensure that security technology and processes are up to date across the entire network of companies. Security is only as strong as the weakest link. Organizations need to ask suppliers and partners about their information security policies and procedures.

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Top cyber focuses and investments you should be addressing in 2019

Investment in people: Provide the required amount of resources to effectively maintain systems, review and update security policies and procedures. Develop cyber training and awareness programs to educate staff and drive information security as part of the organizations culture.

Investment in technology:
Technology is available to enforce policies and support people to collaborate safely online. Today’s advanced solutions can mitigate both inbound information borne cyber-attacks as well as outbound data loss risks at the same time – either of which can cause a breach and resulting consequences.

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Enfo Cybersecurity Services: Advise - Detect - Response

A strong security posture means that you have the people, technology and also the processes in place to avoid or at least minimize the effects of cyber-attacks. This means that you need to be able to:


  1. Identify - develop the organizational understanding to manage risks to your systems, data and other assets. This includes Security Strategy as well as Cybersecurity posture Assessment.
  2. Protect - you need to design and implement control measures to protect your organization. This includes IT Governance, Risk Assessment, Identity and Asset Management, Training, Managed Security Services and so on.
  3. Detect - cyber criminals will try to hack you. So, you need ongoing monitoring and health checks such as Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, Cloud Security, Secure Code Review and more.
  4. Respond - what happens when you do get hacked? You need to have a Security Incident Management in order to be prepared and minimize the impact of the attack.

We are here to help you all the way with
Advise, Detect and Response. We care about your data and will help you protect it.

Enfo Cybersecurity Service Catalogue

The service delivery abilities from Enfo Cybersecurity Service ranges from on-time advisory services through different cloud and security detect related services to incident handling and incident response services in Security Operations.




Jens Howander

SVP and Business Manager for Cybersecurity



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EXPLORE what we know and do