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Supporting you all the way
Are you using Cloud as your current platform? Great! Ready for scaling up? Remember - it’s not about scaling your technology, it’s about being able to scale your business.

why cloud care?

Once in the Cloud you’ll need maintenance and support in order to manage and optimize your environment. After the migration to Cloud has been finalized we will keep supporting you by taking care of your environment within our service Cloud Care. We’ll keep co-creating new ideas with you, enabling you to focus on what really matters – your business. That’s our way of supporting you all the way.

Our service, Cloud Care, is all about providing you a secure, scalable and properly managed platform, according to your business needs. It’s up to you to decide how you want to use and manage your data. Any cloud platform you choose - Enfo is here to ensure your data-driven transformation by taking great care of your environment.

Insight and transparency

  • Analyze - Gain visibility into your True Costs with our reporting engine.
  • Optimize - Drive infrastructure efficiency and automate resources to manage your costs.
  • Predict – Be proactive, forecast your Cloud and manage budgets.

security and compliance

  • Monitored Services - services or consulting for an extended, or indefinite duration.
  • Security Management - services that install, configure, monitor the integrity, availability and confidentiality of all your cloud environments.
  • Security Advisor – consulting and mentoring, with the goal in mind to strengthen your own cloud security posture.

way of working

  • Continuous improvement - Improve day to day monitoring and measure everything that provides value
  • Continuous development - Everything as code and continuous delivery
  • Continuous knowledge sharing - Feedback and knowledge transfer

Optimization and automation

  • Automate everything - everything that can be automated should be automated.
  • Optimize everything - Cost and Data-driven optimization throughout the organization.
  • Be accountable for everything - Drive accountability in the organization.


Peter Lämber

Senior Vice President - Cloud and Business Development


+46 (0)73 800 5505

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EXPLORE what we know and do