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The future is within Cloud and the future is now! Cloud has enabled the same kind of transformation for developing new platforms and buy computing today that the Internet did for communication and information sharing 20 years ago. In the next few years, we will see one of the biggest business transitions within our time - and we are traveling fast. The benefits with Cloud are many and you might have different reasons for moving into cloud. Cost optimization, agility, flexibility, security and innovation are some of the benefits – but you need a simple, smooth and smart journey in order to maximize the business value and get ROI.


Our Cloud experts will support you all the way in your cloud journey. We make sure you travel simple, smooth and smart and that you get it right from the start - so that you can see the return on investment you’ve made. Within Enfo we have niched expertise in moving workloads to cloud the right way, whether it’s computing, databases or any other workload you might have. We will help you clarify your current situation, set the target for where you want to be next and then we’ll help you get there. Once in the cloud we’ll help you manage the platform. Any cloud platform you choose or system you want to move - Enfo is here to bring it all together for you in the cloud.

travel smart!

Going Cloud? Great, the cloud gives your organization huge benefits. Is it time for you to move from legacy infrastructures and embrace the cloud? We’ll support you all the way in the journey.

There are many critical areas that are going to be affected when you decide to move to Cloud. Development, Security, Governance, Finance and Planning, Talent Acquisition and Customer Support, just to mention a few of them. Make sure you start the journey by focusing on your strategies and business goals. There are many questions you might ask yourself right now; Where do we start and how? Should we move our current workload or build from scratch? Which Cloud Platform should we use and how? How mature is our organization for Cloud and what benefits are we aiming for?

We will support you and get you ready – from planning and assessing to design and implementation and then all the way to maintenance and support. We’ll help you to bring it all together in the cloud.


Peter Lämber

Senior Vice President, Cloud and Business Development


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