Service and asset management
In the Digital Dimension physical and virtual places move together. Control of resources and facility assets is conducted at least as much via e-services as it is in physical locations. Continuous connection allows us to have access to answers to everything, no matter where we are.
EXPLORE what we know and do
EXPLORE what we know and do



With digitalisation there are unlimited possibilities for smarter maintenance systems and capital and resource management. The key to efficiency is to simplify complexity.

The common thread from build to property and from production to service is to have many parallel processes. Control of work orders, purchasing, materials, service agreements and complaints from a number of different sources requires smarter and simpler processes in order to function effectively. With our in-depth expertise within systems like IBM Maximo, combined with insight into the business, we can help you and your organisation with everything from optimisation of maintenance processes and system implementation to system improvement and continuous maintenance development.

No matter whether you want to increase production uptime and cost effectiveness in maintenance management, improve rule compliance or coordinate and streamline service work in the field we can help you All the Way to Value™ in the Digital Dimension. We maximise the value of your assets and maintenance processes so that you can achieve your targets as quickly as possible.

Areas within Service & Asset Management

Within process, there are products and services for mapping processes and organisations in the customer’s business. The aim is to obtain a known process/present situation in order to lay the ground improvement management, remove variation and create effective processes/organisations with the goal of “easy to do right” and “straight from me”. If the processes are within maintenance, quality, improvement management and new acquisitions, the process is known to us and we can show best practice processes that we adapt based on your business and requirements.
Digital Solutions
Within digital solutions there are our products that harmonise with our best practice solutions to create efficiency. The products have several options and support alternatives depending on your needs and requirements. We offer system training courses in our best practice solutions. 
Within Enfo Service & Asset Management we work with the following digital solutions:
  • Maintenance system
  • Stoppage time monitoring
  • Quality system
  • Calibration system
  • Visualisation
Within organisation there are products and services to provide you with your knowledge, coaching and resources in order to manage the processes within your business.

All the Way to Value
In the Digital Dimension there are countless solutions for Service & Asset management. How do you know what is right for your organisation? Where should you begin? What is the quickest way to success? We believe that the solution is to develop and implement processes and support systems in harmony, without limiting the potential, in a smother and smarter manner. The answer is All the Way to Value™


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Executive Vice President, Sales


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