Applications and programs are often very potent, but users and businesses typically don’t draw out a program's full capabilities. To take advantage of all the possibilities applications offer to increase business value, it’s smart to have a good plan for managing them in your organization.

Our world is constantly changing. And business environments are changing right along with it, directly impacting your organization. Shifting technical megatrends bring both opportunities and threats. Beyond simply surviving, thriving with and taking control of your business development craves more than adaptation. You need proactive development and management of business-supporting applications. IT management must understand your company's competitive business needs and quickly develop services, without compromising the core integrity that ensures business continuity. Without agile digital development, your company cannot leverage the competitive advantages the Digital Dimension brings. Yet, securing business value in that development also requires robust and reliable orchestration of your Application Management. Managing a business application's whole lifecycle creates the opportunities for total business value that companies desire. This entails application develop along three fundamental steps:

1. Create a plan
2. Develop
3. Implement with agility (i.e., with constant adaptation to the current situation)

Mapping reveals development potential

Applications achieve their full potential only when they create purpose in your organization. An application inventory maps your organization's current environment and reveals opportunities for development. An overall picture of their use and connections also show how you can manage the applications more efficiently and thereby reduce costs. Systematic application management is a continual process to ensure that the applications' features and data serve your organization and support your business goals. To ensure continuity, upgrades, support and compatibility, Enfo manages applications throughout their whole lifecycle, which secures their availability, use and support from a business and user perspective.


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EXPLORE what we know and do