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digital manufacturing  

Right now manufacturing companies are facing a big challenge and opportunity at the same time. Terms such as Digital manufacturing, Smart industry and Industry 4.0, all describe the same phenomenon where data and computing capabilities such as machine learning, advanced analytics and automation take part in the manufacturing process. This development has also been called the fourth industrial revolution.  

Companies digital maturity varies. We at Enfo can help you to identify where you are now and where you need to be in your digital journey. No matter what is you starting point, we are here to help you. Depending on your company’s unique needs the investments in digital manufacturing can lead to cost savings, higher operational efficiency or even new business models. 

Our work crosses borders between our competence areas, taking a holistic approach to the entire production chain: production/manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing, patents and warranties, maintenance and customer service as well as business support. Your transformation needs a holistic approach in everything from IT infrastructure and information flow to processes and data analysis.

As a result from internal development and comprehensive cooperation with our clients we have conceptualized three packaged offerings around digital manufacturing. Maintenance 4.0. accelerates your digitalization journey by offering a bundled best-practice business platform. Starter-kit for Maintenance 4.0: a packaged solution to get fast results for predictive maintenance and improved quality. Smart Products: an easy way to get started with the smart products journey through a packed solution.

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Digital Manufacturing

Maintenance 4.0.

A digital business platform that connects all the systems offering reliable and real-time data for decision-making and operational efficiency improvement is one of the key elements of manufacturing companies’ digital journey. The benefits of the platform such as improved uptime, optimized inventory levels, sustained asset downtimes and decreased health, safety and environmental risks effect to the whole organization.

Digital manufacturing

Starter-kit for Maintenance 4.0.

Collection of real-time production data is goal for several manufacturing companies. Nevertheless, many of them are uncertain how to get started. Questions like what is suitable solution especially for our company, what are the real business benefits and estimated costs delay several projects. Enfo’s smart maintenance starter package is literally a starter-kit that helps you to get started with production line data collection. Only in few weeks, we will be able to provide you concrete results and guidelines on how to move forward.

Digital manufacturing

Smart Products

Many companies today are well aware that in order to stay competitive, they need to increase the pace of their product to service transition. The big question is how to get there. With this in mind, Enfo has identified and developed a number of buildning blocks that together with our eco-system of partners providing machine connectivity and system integration forms an excellent starting point for a fast track to smart products development.