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Enfo and PostNord have been working together since 2013 on transforming PostNord’s digital infrastructure and product offering. Now, during the spring of 2017, Enfo has been helping PostNord revise its e-commerce solution ‘Shipping Tool’. “We wanted to sell on customer needs and characteristics instead of on product names, as well as to facilitate scalability with higher loadings,” says Petter Edlund, Head of Business IT at PostNord eCommerce & Logistics. “In addition to that, everything is done in the cloud through Amazon Web Services,” he continues.

PostNord has undergone a major transformation in recent years, wherein they have gone from a product-focused IT department to instead beginning to measure the key ratios associated with the customer. Like many other companies, PostNord was facing a major challenge to improve communication between its IT division and other business areas.

“The bottom line of the ‘Shipping Tool’ project has been about creating a top-flight user experience and a world-class, cloud-based and scalable back-end solution. I’m very proud of what we have achieved in this project,” says Joakim Restadh, SVP, Information Management, Enfo.

Cloud-based and scalable solution

“PostNord has acquired an immensely more stable solution today than the previous e-commerce solution it had in place. Today, in response to traffic loads, they are able to cope with extreme differences in the number of users of the service without any problems, since the cloud solution scales up and down according to demand,” says Restadh.

We are constantly developing our web services to ensure we are at the leading edge and enfo is an important strategic partner with whom we have a great working relationship.

Petter Edlund, PostNord

The processes are automized

The goal of the entire project was to build PostNord’s e-commerce solution ‘Shipping Tool’ in a modern and accessible manner and with data-caching taking place in proximity to the service. In addition, with a secure and stable identity solution for the service.

“We would never have been able to move to the cloud unless we’d undertaken a technology relocation at the same time. Out of the old data center and the Legacy system. Out of the network with its hundredfold firewall rules that everyone forgot the passwords to, and so on. Actually, it wouldn’t have mattered whether it were AWS, Google or Microsoft – but in this case, we felt that AWS mapped well against our needs,” says Petter Edlund from PostNord.

Enfo has also been a great help to PostNord with future-proofing and streamlining many of the company’s other processes. An organization is never stronger than its weakest link. For this reason, all processes need to interact to maximize business value. Here Enfo has contributed with the “big picture” and strategic advice along the way.

“By automating many of the processes, PostNord has begun on its journey of eradicating the human error factor. In order to be customer oriented, we need to be able to develop new functionality within hours or days. The requirement I set was that we should be able to have daily releases, which immediately called for technology and automatization. As regards the ‘Shipping Tool’, it’s obvious that automated processes have given us the best and most robust system in PostNord’s history,” says Petter Edlund.

New and better quality index

Previously, PostNord delivered all its quality indices on scanning of terminals and so forth – very product oriented and not always with customer satisfaction as its focus. Today, together with Enfo, they have created a number of business development teams who are highly skilled both technologically and with the business itself – a combination placing a focus on the customer as well as on the value of the business for PostNord.

“From an external perspective, cloud services and automation may not be the most exciting things around, but such an investment is actually the reason why PostNord is able to work as agilely and quickly as it does today,” says Enfo’s Joakim Restadh.

A tip for companies on the starting grid prior to setting off on their cloud journey!

Like all major changes, everything starts with one small step – and it’s important not to underestimate the power of that one small step at the beginning of your journey in the cloud. There are no shortcuts, you just have to get up and go.

It all starts with what the customer’s needs are. Choose a problem that the customer has and go all the way to solving it. Make everything revolve around the customer.

Without the right people, your cloud journey is impossible, unfortunately. If you are unable to recruit, you need to find partners (or friends) who have the same approach as you. This is definitely a must have for success!

In the end, it’s about getting things done. After all, that is what matters. It’s hard to make things happen without your actually doing anything. So just do it.



PostNord is the leading provider of communications and logistics solutions to, from and within the Nordic region. PostNord also ensures postal services to individuals and companies in Sweden and Denmark. 

Through its expertise and a strong distribution network, PostNord develops the prerequisite conditions for tomorrow’s communications, e-commerce, distribution and logistics in the Nordic region. In 2017 the Group had around 31,000 employees and a turnover of more than SEK 37 billion. The parent company is a Swedish public company with its corporate offices in Solna.