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Blog May 15, 2019

How to join Enfo Wellness Club as an Enfonian

If you already read the previous article about our wellness club, you know a group of our Enfonians gathered together last year, June 2018 to plan activities for Enfo employees, also called Enfonians.

If you already read the previous article about our wellness club, you know a group of our Enfonians gathered together last year, June 2018 to plan activities for Enfo employees, also called Enfonians. 

In the previous article we introduced our colleague Caroline, who initiated the wellness activities at our Stockholm office. Carolines counterpart, Marek has been an active organizer at our Espoo office. We interviewed him to answer some of the questions you might want to ask about the Enfo Wellness Club operations. 


What is Enfo Wellness Club?

Enfo Wellness Club is an effort to improve our well-being and develop our company culture. We gather people even up to 3 times a week to take part in different activities during the day or after working hours.  Wellness Club is directed by a planning group of us 9 well-being enthusiasts who work here at Enfo.

Enfo Wellness Club Kuopio got into kicking the ball together

What kind of wellness club activities are available for Enfonians?

Our activities vary a lot today. We have introduced and tried out over 30 different activities from yoga and meditation to board games, knitting and concert nights!  Enfo Wellness Clubbers have even gone boxing with a famous Finnish boxer Amin Asikainen, as well as on a guided skiing trip in the winter. In addition to physical activities, we have also arranged many lectures about different aspects of well-being, the most recent about motivation.
Famous Finnish boxer Amin Asikainen gave us a taste of boxing

Does participation cost something to an Enfonian?

Most of the activities are free for the participants. Anytime an event costs an extra something from the participant, it’s stated out in the schedule and invitation. We have an annual budget for the Enfo Wellness Club which we divide by the size of each office.

Is Enfo Wellness Club available at all our offices?
Enfo Wellness Club should be available at all of our offices. For practical reasons, each of our offices has its own planning group. If you want to join the organizing group, you are more than welcome, the more, the merrier!

What’s in the pipeline for the Wellness Club?

This upcoming year we are hoping to have more meetings together with the other Enfo Wellness Club teams in other offices. Hopefully, we can share experiences, ideas and develop our functions.

We hope to get a lot of feedback from our colleagues, both positive and negative. Our planning group tries to react fast to the input and new ideas coming from our colleagues. Almost all the feedback has been very positive so far. It seems employees really enjoy collaboration also on this level.

One of our Talent Acquisition Managers, Matilda at the Stockholm office mentions, the Enfo Wellness Club after works and weekly breakfasts are a great way to get together and catch up with colleagues.

Where do the activities usually take place?

It really varies. Thanks to feedback, the planning group has taken up more and more varied activities as the number of attendees has increased at a good pace since the start. 

Activity locations have spread wide. The ”where” depends on the activity: it can be at the office or as far as participants are happy to go. 

Where can I find out more information about the activity schedule?

For specific dates and schedules, check out the Yammer channel, event listings emails and the Wellness Club calendar. We have the program also up at the “good-ol” kitchen wall at out Espoo Office!

How can I take part in the Enfo Wellness Club?

Enfo Wellness Club is easy to join! Just sign up. Information about upcoming events and activities are published on Yammer. You just need to check your calendar, find suitable activities for you and sign up. 

We connect the people to the activities on Yammer. It’s an easy way to create groups and keep everyone updated.

“Do you want to take part in the planning? Join our planning group! If it’s something, you’re interested in, tag along! It is another way to collaborate and catch up with colleagues. I can warmly recommend it!” Marek Daifi, ETL consultant, Espoo

Tell me again, what is the benefit for me joining the Enfo Wellness Club?

We see Enfo Wellness Club is a tool for building an active and lively company culture. It’s a fantastic way to have an influence on our culture, get to know new people, create open conversation and have fun at the same time. Enfo Wellness Club is also an inspiring chance to develop our company and bring our people together. How could you say no to something like that?

If you are interested in developing your physical and mental health, hanging out with other Enfonians or having a good time, Enfo Wellness Club is a way to connect all three. 

To find out more about Enfo and our Wellness Club, follow our page @enfolife on Instagram.

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We interviewed our ETL consultant and Enfo Wellness Club planning group activist Marek Daifi for this article. Marek works at our Espoo office.